Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? Of course, you do! These are the most frequently asked questions that we answer.

Q. Why should a tour company use TMS?

A. TMS takes grunts out of operating a tour company by automating a lot of the repeat processes. It include features, such as online booking & payment, scheduling & calendar, templated auto-respond messages, and profit & expense reporting tools.

Q. If I use TMS, can I receive online bookings from my website?

A. Yes. Online booking and payment from your website is made easy with the software.

Q. Does TMS come with online payment functionality?

A. Yes, online payment feature is one of the core features of the software. You can also set your custom deposit settings, to take in fixed amounts, percentage amounts, or full amounts. Or, you can simply save customers' card information to bill them later.

Q. I have different prices depending on the season. How does TMS handle that?

A. No problem. You can set different prices per month and person-type (adult, kid, infant).

Q. I have different prices for adults, kids, and infants. How does TMS handle that?

A. In addition to setting different prices for each month, you can also set different prices for adult, kid, and infant.

Q. We need to reach a certain threshold before we can confirm a group tour. How does TMS handle such case?

A. First, when TMS receives a booking and determines that it can be immediately confirmable (either because number of party in booking exceeds the minimum threshold or because there exists another confirmed tour on specified date/product), then TMS sends the customer a message thanking for booking the reservation.

However, the software determines that the booking is not immediately confirmable, then it sends the customer a message, notifying that while the reservation has been been made successfully, the trip itself has not yet been confirmed.

Q. Is there a way I can try the software before I start paying for it?

A. Yes, we made available a demo account so anyone can try it and see.

Q. Can I buy the TMS software as a whole instead of signing up for a monthly plan?

A. No, we cannot sell the software as a whole.

Q. What if I am not interested in the software but I need a new website?

A. Even if you don't use our software, we can still create a new website for you. Contact us to get a quote.

Q. We are not a large (multi-city, multi-country) tour company. Will TMS be suitable for a local company?

A. Yes, TMS was originally developed with focus of helping small-to-medium size tour businesses so there is no need to worry. In fact, this software is NOT suitable for very large tour businesses.

Q. What if I need a custom functionality?

A. Let us know and we might be able to add the customer functionality to the application.

Q. I already have a website. Does it work with an existing website?

A. Yes, the software can integrate with an existing website.

Q. Does the plan include a new website?

A. Neither of the monthly plans include a new website. If you need a new website designed, we can still create one but it will be billed separately.

Q. Are there processing fees for online transactions?

A. We don't, but the payment processor that we utilize (Stripe) charges processing fee of 2.9% + 30 cents per each transaction. Depending on volumn of transactions, however, this rate can be negotiated.

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