Tour Manager Software

Our software takes care of online booking & payment, reservations, financial report, guide & product management, and more.

Online Reservation Tool

Don't tell me you are on standby, day and night, to manually take bookings and reservations from your customers because that's just crazy...

With TMS, you can take online bookings directly from your website. No more waiting on the phone 24/7 to create bookings for your customers. Start taking reservations directly from your website, even when no one's working in the office! Automate your booking process with TMS.

Online Payment System

Need a way to take online payments? Worry no more. With TMS, you can take online payments from customers who create bookings. If reservations may not be confirmed or fulfilled, then there is an option to securely save card information so you can bill your customers later as you see fit. The software comes with easy online payment functionality.

Tour Schedule Calendar

What better way to show tour schedule than a calendar? Calendar has served well for us mortal humans for thousands of years. With the built-in online calendar tool, tour operators can instantly see the upcoming tour schedule in any given day or month.

"Which guides and vehicles are available next week?", "Which tours are we going tomorrow?" All these questions can be answered by our calendar.

Accounting System

Understanding your business's profits and losses is important. Tracking your profits and expenses has never been easier with TMS built-in accounting tool, where you can track your earnings and expenses by month, by day, and by product. Understand your company's financial situation through our accounting feature.

Auto-Respond Messages

Need different auto-respond messages that vary by situation? You can save your auto-respond messages as templates so you can send different messages, depending on the status of your customers' reservations.

For example, you can have a message template that reads, "Thank you, your trip has been booked, confirmed, and finalized." sent to customers whose bookings have been automatically pre-confirmed by the software.

In another template, you can have a different message that reads, "Thank you, but your trip does not meet the minimum threshold of the number of people required to commence at this time. Please wait for a further notice from us while we seek additional travelers to confirm the trip."

Reservation Analytics

Analytics is your eye to the sea of data. With TMS's built-in analytics tool, you'll have a way of knowing how your customers are finding your products, which products are selling the most, and which promotions worked or didn't work. You can use this information to understand your customers and their behaviors, adjust your marketing campaigns, and formulate or restructure your products.

Existing Website Integration

Do you already have an existing website whose design you love? That's awesome! We understand that you may not want to re-design a whole new website all over again just to integrate our software.

No problemo. TMS integrates with any existing website, so you can keep your existing website and still take advantage of the features provided by our software. Take the best of the both worlds.

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